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The Experience Brands Weekly #144

The Rising Demand for Experiences

The idea that we have reached ‘peak stuff’ has been gaining traction recently. Since 1987, US consumer spending on live experiences and events relative to total spend has increased by 70%. 78% of 18-34 year olds would rather spend money on an experience than a product.

In this world where experiences seem to be at the heart of what people want, the implications for brands are big. As Mauro Porcini, PepsiCo’s chief design office states, people ‘behave in a different way with our products and brands. They don’t actually buy products any more. They buy experiences that are meaningful to them. They buy solutions that are realistic, that transcend the product, that go beyond the product. And mostly they buy stories that need to be authentic. We need to understand how to provide these experiences as brands.’

Related to this rise in the desire for experiences, we are moving into an age which Gareth Jones calls ‘conscientious consumerism’ which is being defined by action and activism. We ‘as individuals are being judged by what we do and what we don’t do. It isn’t enough any more to say you’re for or against something; you must prove it.’ The same is true for brands – it is no longer enough for them to just say something, you must prove it to consumers if you are expecting them to believe it and engage with your brand.

Jones argues that ‘success lies in finding unique and authentic ways of revealing the actions that bring your core brand values to life day after day.’ This is certainly true, but the only way to do this is by providing consumers with a complete experience that is true to your brand. Brands need brand behaviours to ensure they provide a consistent experience wherever a consumer interacts with them – whether that is at a live experience, online or in a shop.

People value experiences – they are craving them more than ever before, but in order for brands to create successful experiences they need to be clear about who they are, through defining their brand values and brand behaviours, and ensuring they deliver these consistently wherever a consumer interacts with the brand.


Other Bites:

Lucozade – Contactless Bottles

Lucozade have paired up with TfL to enable Londoners to travel for free on the tube using special Lucozade bottles. In a takeover of Oxford Circus station, Lucozade handed out bottles containing a contactless chip at the base which could be used to pay for a single underground journey. Boosting your journey as well as your energy.



Benefit: Glastonbrow

To help festival goers maintain their impressive brows and beauty look throughout Glastonbury, and combat the dreaded queues, Benefit have created the UK’s first brows and beauty drive-thru, GlastonBrow. Giving away everything from brow waxes to festival essentials, guests will be kept entertained by DJs as they collect their freebies. Making sure everyone’s brows are on fleek this festival season.



McDonalds: Drive-Thruck

McDonalds have taken their Drive-Thru to a whole new level in Brazil in a stunt designed to remind everyone that there is always a McDonalds somewhere along your journey. Promising convenience that is even more convenient, McDonalds built a mobile drive-thru truck. Bringing chips to you wherever you are.