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The Experience Brands Weekly #145

In a world of machines, experiential marketing will be essential

In an article by TBWA/Asia Pacific and Hall & Partners in The Drum, they make the argument that because of the greater control of consumers, enabled and encouraged by technology, experiential marketing will be the future. David Naidu, from Friesland Campina, even states that ‘experiential marketing, enabled by new technology, will become essential within the industry.’


There is a shift from ‘marketing products to marketing experiences’ with consumers more interested in ‘what drives the brand; what is your point of view and how do those points of view align with my own beliefs as a human being.’ Brands will need to market experiences in harmony with these deeply held beliefs, as ‘if this new tech-world is indeed driven by the consumer – and thus far more competitive – then brands will need to be much clearer about what they’re trying to sell.’


We couldn’t agree more that the future is all about experience. We have always believed that it is the way that people experience a brand that matters, whether that’s shoppers in a retail environment, online interaction through social media or at an immersive live experience. New technology enabling greater consumer control is highlighting this truth. Technology will provide innovative and different ways of doing things, enabling brands to provide experiences not yet dreamt of to consumers, but it will always be the experience that the consumer has that defines the brand.


Other Bites:

Banner ad from Jaguar Land Rover that lets you test drive a car from your phone

In partnership with Blippar and Mindshare, Jaguar Land Rover have created a banner ad that lets you test drive a car from your phone. Click-through rates from banner ads are notoriously low, but by providing a unique experience, Jaguar Land Rover is hoping to turn this trend around. Aiming to drive pre-orders for their Range Rover Velar SUV, users can see the inside of the car using nothing but their smartphone camera, delivering the seamless experience that has been a barrier to the use of this kind of technology in the past. Giving their customers, who they know are fans of cutting-edge technology a chance to sit in the driver’s seat wherever they are.




Hendricks cucumber hour

To celebrate World Cucumber Day (yes, really), Hendrick’s declared a cucumber hour. On the auspicious day, you could go to any of the participating bars and trade a cucumber for a Hendrick’s & Tonic cucumber cocktail. (Almost) free G&T’s? Yes please.



Coco Chanel at Cannes

Using augmented reality, Y&R New York and Current Studios are highlighting the lack of representation of women in public spaces at this year’s Cannes Lions Festival. Using an app, a virtual statue of Coco Chanel can be seen outside the Palais des Festivals, the latest in a global series including Ameilia Earhart, Nina Simone and Edith Wharton. Redressing the balance (92% of the world’s statues are men) one AR experience at a time.




Jaguar Land Rover Night Time Sun

To highlight its ‘Lighting up Lives’ project in rural Kenya, which is bringing safe, reliable solar power to 1.2 million people by 2020, Jaguar Land Rover brought the programme to life at the Hay Festival. Harnessing the power of the sun, they have created a unique art installation using solar lamps which casts its light over festival-goers as the sun sets. Demonstrating the power of the sun to transform lives by giving more time to families, and particularly to children to study. Jaguar Land Rover also hosted interactive sessions in its Story Nook tent, providing guests with a chance to connect with children in Kenya and learn more about the transformational power of solar energy.