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The Experience Brands Weekly #148

Wimbledon: An Experience Brand

As the nation is gripped by Konta and despairing over Murray, we thought it might be a good time to talk about Wimbledon. The British institution where an estimated 320,000 glasses of Pimms, 29,000 bottles of champagne and 28,000 kilos of strawberries and cream will be enjoyed by fans over the two-week tournament.

A day at SW19 is filled with tradition, it’s all about the experience. Whether that’s camping in the queue, the cold glass of Pimms on Henman Hill or being glued to your seat watching an epic Nadal-Muller battle.

In the experience economy, the Wimbledon brand is stronger than ever. As Rob Hocknell points out in Campaign, over 65% of UK millennials prefer to spend on experiences than material things. The opportunities for Wimbledon, and the other brands who try to be part of the action, are just getting better.



To further enhance the experience for fans, the All England Tennis Club are making the most of their partnership with IBM. Using IBM’s AI product, Watson, the Wimbledon experience is being deepened for those lucky enough to have tickets, as well as the worldwide fans. IBM are using Watson to provide real-time match reports with deeper analysis making the most of the 22 years of data they have collected at the Championships. For those at SW19, there is the voice-activated assistant ‘Fred’, named after the legendary Fred Perry, who helps guests find their way, as well as providing analysis and insight as matches unfold across all the courts.

As AI technology advances, the potential to extend the capabilities of ‘Fred’ and use technology not yet thought of to provide even better experiences to tennis fans at Wimbledon and beyond are huge. As long as the focus is on enhancing the experience, with technology being used not just for technology’s sake, but to deliver added value then the fans are likely to embrace it. With the core timeless Wimbledon experience, of Pimms, strawberries and cream and unpredictable weather remaining the same, the Wimbledon brand will continue to be one of the best experience brands for years to come.



Other Bites:

Heineken: A ‘Dam Fresh Heineken

Heineken have started targeting people who are visiting Amsterdam to cement its status as the “original beer of Amsterdam.” To highlight their roots in the city, Heineken used travel data from hotels and airlines to identify the target audience, then reach out to them through banner ads. As Heineken takes 28 days to brew, the travellers were sent photos and regular updates using chatbots on Facebook messenger in the month leading up to their visit and were encouraged to tell the bot what they wanted to do in Amsterdam. When they arrived in the city, a bottle of Heineken, complete with name, flight information and a personalized map of Amsterdam was waiting at the Heineken brewery. Making the most of new technology to help consumers to discover the city in a way that is personal to them, while telling Heineken’s brand story.



Robinsons and KFC partner up for Wimbledon

Robinsons have partnered with KFC to take over the KFC Wimbledon Broadway restaurant. In one of the windows there is a giant, interactive version of the arcade Pong, encouraging visitors to stop and play a game on their journey to the Championships. Finding away to be part of the Wimbledon fever, while highlighting that Robinsons is now served at KFC.





Coca Cola: AI Vending Machine

Coca Cola are trying to enhance the experience of buying a drink through a vending machine by introducing AI. Through an app making use of chatbots, consumers will be able to send a message and have drinks for themselves and a friend ready to pick up at the vending machine. The app will even adjust to suit different vending machine requirements – becoming more about utility and functionality at a hospital, but dialing up the personality and fun at a college. Taking the vending machine experience from purely transactional to a better experience for consumers.