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The Experience Brands Weekly #150

Size matters

‘Shrinkflation’ is a real thing according to this article in Campaign this week. I was sure that confectionery had gotten smaller since I was a child, but then part of me figured maybe I just got bigger, so it was therefore only smaller by comparison.  I was not fooled however when Toblerone clearly removed what seemed to be every other triangle in a bid to decrease the weight of the bar whilst keeping the packaging the same. 



Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ has blamed the rise in the cost of ingredients, linked to the fall of the pound since Britain’s vote to leave the EU.  However, The ONS (Office of National Statistics) has dismissed this, reporting that 2,529 products have been reduced in size over the past 5 years.  It seems brands are leaning towards reducing product size rather than pushing prices up.  This may be more to do with pressure from retailers rather than the brands themselves looking to maintain margin by decreasing size as opposed to increasing price.  One thing is for sure though, there’s enough of it now that we can give it a name.


Other bites:

Jose Cuervo: Tequila Fountains

Jose Cuervo replaced drinking water fountains around Los Angeles with chilled tequila in a refreshing stunt to mark National Tequila Day. What else could you need to liven up a Monday?



The World Avocado Organization: Super Fuelling London

Avocados are taking over London! The World Avocado Organization (WAO) will be unleashing their Avocado Fruit of Life branded buses and black cabs all over the capital to promote the super fruit. The non-profit organisation was launched last year by origin suppliers from Peru, South Africa, Mexico and California in a bid to further educate consumers about avocados. Providing the perfect excuses for your smashed avocado on toast habit.




Superdrug: Bella

Superdrug have introduced a chatbot called Bella dedicated to skincare advice. For the next 3 months Bella will be providing skin car looks, tips and ‘how to’ tutorials, all to promote Simple’s new limited edition collection. People will be able to be used in Facebook Messenger app in store, or will direct consumers to the nearest Superdrug location.