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The Experience Brands Weekly #151

We need to talk about targeting

Nielsen revealed last week that only half of online advertising campaigns targeted at women in the UK actually reaches them, compared to 62% for men. Analysing over 60,000 campaigns, overall only 54% of ad impressions were delivered to the audience they were meant for. The rates were even worse for campaigns targeting 18-34 year olds with 22% successfully reaching women in that age group, and 33% for men. There were also big variances in success between different sectors – Travel was the most successful with 67% of its ads reaching the target audience, while Retail was last with 42% and FMCG just above with 43%.

This is obviously an issue for brands, and retail and FMCG brands in particular. Barney Farmer, Nielsen’s UK commercial data argues that "better use of the available technology, incorporating wider sources of data, particularly first party data, as well as buyers taking more action on the insights they’ve got from previous campaigns to improve future results" will make a big difference.

Targeting still has a long way to go. Segmenting audiences by gender and by age can be very limiting - we have found it is much more effective to connect with people through their passion points – whether that’s football, fashion or food – and target your messaging based on that. By connecting with communities of interest, brands can create more meaningful connections with people when compared to those generated by broad-based targeting on age or gender.

Wherever you are connecting with people, the experience is key. Online or offline, if the brand message doesn’t feel relevant to them, missing the mark because it was intended for a different audience it won’t be successful. In the age of personalisation, getting your brand message to the right people in a way that feels personal to them is vital.


Other Bites:

Asics: Run the Tube

As part of their wider #IMoveLondon campaign, Asics have created a multisensory running experience. An 85 metre tunnel made from hoops of light that respond to music being played is arriving in London over the summer, giving Londoners the chance to Run The Tube.



LG: QuadWash Water Park

Have you ever wondered what being inside a dishwasher would be like? LG have answered your prayers, bringing the inside of their latest dishwasher to life by creating a waterpark in the heart of New York. With each element of the experience designed to show an innovative feature of the dishwasher, guests will be soaked by powerful jet streams as they tackle obstacle courses mimicking the experience inside the dishwasher.



Cargo: Uber Vending Machines

Cargo wants to turn every Uber into little mobile shops. Drivers will sign up for a fee, then they receive a custom display that fits on the central console holding a selection of snacks and essentials. Making use of a unique URL, people will be able to pay using cards or their phone, with drivers automatically being sent supplies and earning $0.50 for each sale. Helping to solve those in-Uber hunger pangs.