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The Experience Brands Weekly #152

There’s a world outside the M25

Brands are failing to connect with people who live outside London. Research conducted by BDRC Continental and Trinity Mirror has proved the London bubble exists. Surveying 2,000 UK adults and examining 56 brands in April, they found that 46 out of the 56 brands have a negative ‘relevance score’ meaning their relevance outside London lagged behind its level inside the capital.

Outside London, people were more likely to make negative observations about the way they were viewed or treated by brands and were 25% more likely to say brands didn’t understand people in their local area.

While non-Londoners were 21% more likely to say brands didn’t aim advertising at people in their local area, this figure rose to a massive 48% amongst 35-44-year olds. This is a serious problem for brands.

Even when you look at the nationwide picture, it is not good news– there is widespread apathy across the UK, over 40% of people for 48 out of 56 brands said they did not care if the brands existed.

There is a crisis brewing for brands. Increasingly seen as part of an elite establishment, distrust is growing. The failure to connect with people outside of London is a big risk, brands need to demonstrate to people that they are talking to them, wherever they live.

Brands need to connect better with people everywhere, whether they live in Yorkshire, Powys or London. In particular, they need to demonstrate they care about those outside the M25, or risk continuing apathy and even worse people taking a stand against the brands they consider to be part of the elite establishment. We have always believed that actions speak louder and the time has come for brands to act.


Other Bites:

ASOS: Visual search

ASOS have introduced a visual search function allowing you to search for your next impulse purchase using only a photo. A camera icon that appears in the ASOS app search bar will allow you to search with one tap by taking a picture of an item of clothing. The app will then display visually similar products on ASOS. Just try not to get caught snapping a stranger’s clothes.



Sky: Game of Thrones Marathon

Obsessed with GOT? Well a group of marathon runners proved their mega-fan status by running across Italy in the first ever real-life TV marathon. Through blistering heat, these intrepid fans ran from Rome to Sforzesco Castle while watching the first six series. Now that’s commitment.



Plan International Finland: Maternity Wear for A 12-Year-Old

Every year 7 million children in developing countries become mothers. To highlight this important issue, Plan commissioned Finnish designer Paola Suhonen to design 6 maternity dresses for 12-year-olds. Launched this week in Helsinki, the collection aims to ensure it is never needed.