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It's time to own the breakfast occasion

40% of Brits aged 25-34 are now regularly skipping breakfast, at least a few times a week according to a new survey conducted by The Grocer. They tend to think the importance of breakfast is overrated, with over a quarter opting to eat their breakfast on the go at least a few times a week, and even more (37%) eating it at their desks. This combined with consumers becoming more health conscious at breakfast, opting for less processed and more natural options, points to major changes in British breakfast habits.



Interestingly, though more of this age group are skipping breakfast, they are also much more likely to eat a cooked breakfast at least once a week (43% compared to 31%). So, when they do choose to make time for breakfast, they are more likely to push the boat out.



This shifting behaviour gives brands a chance to own these new breakfast occasions, which we believe is a powerful way to unlock opportunities with consumers. Because of the way our memory works, occasions are one of the most efficient (and easy to build) memory structures for brands. Our episodic memory – the ability to store events and experiences – enables us to create mental shortcuts between things and moments. If you want to win at breakfast, you need to own the occasion – whether that’s the on-the-go, the at-the-desk or the treat yourself breakfast.

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