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The Experience Brands Weekly #157

Targeting Communities of Interest

YouTube’s latest update, announced this week at Advertising Week, now allows brands to target audiences based on places and apps they like, as well as past Google searches.  This is good news for brands, as campaigns using intent-based audiences on mobile have a 20% higher ad recall lift and 50% higher brand awareness lift than those just based on demographic targeting.

They have also announced new levels of personalisation which will allow users to create different version of the same creative for different audiences, and a new feature which lets advertisers deploy different creative over time. This will allow brands to guide consumers down different tailored paths depending on which ads they are responding to.

We have always believed that talking to people based on their interests, rather than their age, gender or other demographic measures is much more powerful. The ability to target these communities of interest with different tailored content and lead them down different paths creates many exciting opportunities for the online experience. Delivering tailored brand experiences that are truly relevant to them online as well as offline.


Other Bites:

Godiva: The Godiva Masterpiece Banquet

Godiva have partnered with Gingerline, the creator of immersive dining experience The Chambers of Flavour and Juniper Manor, to create a banquet in London this week launching their Masterpieces collection. A chocolate feast to remember.



Hellmann’s Recipes

Hellmann’s are trialling going direct to the consumer in London. Partnering with Quiqup, consumers will be able to order ingredients for a recipe and have them delivered in an hour. Sidestepping traditional retail to satisfy your mayo cravings.



Ford: FordHub

Ford have launched a new hub in New York which doesn’t sell cars or car accessories, but instead sells the idea that future transportations will look completely different from today. With experiences including a VR game where you can build a Mustang on top of the Empire State Building, and an installation of 5,000 miniature Ford car models which light up to mimic traffic patterns, this is certainly not your ordinary showroom.