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The Experience Brands Weekly #160

Are you feeling angry?

The Drum’s November issue is themed around anger, and contains lots of different people throughout expressing their anger on everything from diversity, to the state of our industry to Brexit. As part of the issue they have commissioned some research on just how angry we all are. Very, it turns out. In this ‘age of outrage’ David Bain and Jamie Inman argue that we are “swept along by a tide of impatience driven by technology and the always-on on-demand expectations it brings. We are being stoked by social media’s role as an echo chamber and magnifying our anger and resentment.” 21% of the UK adults they surveyed agree that they are angrier than we were a year ago, and 60% said they got angry at least once in the past week. The North East was discovered to be the angriest region and 37% of adults agree that other people are angrier than a year ago. It seems we are getting angrier.

However, is getting angry such a bad thing? Many throughout the issue sing its praises, Bain and Inman argue that anger is energy, and has the power to be used for bad, but also for good. The research highlighted that those who are angriest, are also the most humane, rating the personal values of benevolence and universalism significantly higher than those who don’t get angry as often. We are a nation that is angry on behalf of others who we feel have been wronged. Anger can spur us to take action, to make change and therefore we should not be ignoring it within marketing and communications. Bain and Inman make the interesting point that ‘as marketers, we rarely address our collective mood or look at the underlying emotional landscape in which our marketing and communications exist. All too often, we obsess about opinion and effect. What we should be as concerned with, however, is moods and effect.’ If we ignore the collective mood, or people’s emotions, we risk not accounting for their powerful effects on the way we all behave.


Other Bites:

Ebay: What kind of shopper are you?

Ebay have jumped offline to create an experience that offers you the chance to find out what kind of shopper you really are. Using an electroencephalogram headset, which detects electrical activity in your brain, for 20 minutes they measure your reaction to art. From this, a custom shopping list is created just for you.



VR cinema

A VR cinema is coming to London. Starting as a Halloween pop-up in Convent Garden, before moving to a permanent home, this will bring VR to the masses.



Bumble: Hive

Bumble is no longer just for finding dates. Bumble Bizz is launching this week with pop-ups called ‘The Hive’ and ‘The Honeycomb’ featuring live panels, wellness classes and workshops. Taking networking to a whole new level.