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The Experience Brands Weekly #172

Adventures in snacking

The Grocer recently carried out research into our snacking habits and it seems when it comes to our between meal indulgences, we are willing to be a little adventurous. In the poll, 39% of Brits said they regularly or always experiments with new and exciting flavours. This behaviour seems particularly strong amongst 25-34-year olds, 60% of which regularly try new things.



What makes us willing to try something new? Flavour is key, with 21% of people saying appealing flavours were the most important factor when trying NPD, but not quite as persuasive as a free sample – 28% of us will give a free snack a go. When developing flavours, it seems that spicy may be the way to go as it is “one of the biggest single segments, worth around 10% of the snacks market at £260m RSV. It’s not a niche flavour any more, it’s a mass phenomenon and it’s growing fast at 6.7% year on year” according to Vijay Bhardwaj, head of marketing formats at KP Snacks. The flavour that came out top of the poll was hot chicken wings, with just under half of people saying that they would be willing to try it – time to get making.

When it comes to the snacking moment, it seems we are willing to take a bit of a risk and try something new. Though this doesn’t mean that all the unusual flavours will be a success – I’m not sure prosecco or candy cane crisps are here to stay. However, if you get the innovative flavour right we are likely to give it a go.


Other Bites:

Nike: Reactland

Nike have created their own video game in China called ‘Reactland’ to help shoppers to test their shoes. Instead of running on a treadmill, shoppers leap past pandas and bounce over pyramids bringing gamification into shoe-trialing.



Knorr: Eat Your Feed

Knorr are creating a one-off dining experience where you will be served a main meal to match your Instagram feed in what Knorr has called the "world’s first Instagram powered restaurant". They have developed a tool called ‘Eat your feed’ that bases its recipe suggestions on your experiences as recorded on your Instagram account. If you can’t visit the experience, you can go to to give the tool a go.



Ebay: Shop the Celebrity Look

eBay are making use of AI to let us all find outfits to match those of our favourite celebrities. The tool uses a visual search to link outfits to their stock - hovering over the photo allows you to bring up options to buy the exact item or budget-friendly alternatives from the marketplace.