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The Experience Brands Weekly #175

Is it time to reconsider the frozen aisle?

The frozen food aisle is not the most exciting in the supermarket, with its rows of fridges and the uninspiring product ranges. However, it might be time to take another look as frozen food is getting a makeover.



Frozen food has traditionally been seen in Britain as a convenient solution, but not as good as fresh – a 2016 Grocer survey found that one-third of Britons still believed that frozen is inferior to fresh food. However, this seems to be gradually changing. Sales were up 5.4% in 2017, largely due to an increase in premium frozen food sales. It seems people are reconsidering the frozen options as the aisle gets a health-focussed resurgence. New brands, such as Daily Harvest, are highlighting the benefits of frozen as it delivers convenience, without sacrificing quality or health benefits – all their vegetables are chopped and frozen within 48 hours of picking. You can get vegan frozen ready meals delivered to your door by All Plants, and Strong Roots are widening the range of frozen vegetables.

Moving up the aisle to the ice cream category, new innovation is changing the norms here too. In the last year we have seen the rise of low calorie brands such as Halo Top, Breyers Delights and Koupe. Ben & Jerry’s is joining the trend, launching a Moo-phoria range in Sainsburys that contain 132 calories or less per 100ml. Brands are also highlighting nutritional content like protein per scoop, appealing to the wider health-conscious audience who are looking for other benefits beyond low calories.

With innovation throughout the aisle, frozen food is changing fast. As consumer perceptions around freshness are challenged by new brands, we will see move reconsidering frozen as a convenient, and healthy solution. As people see frozen as a more desirable option, the growth of premium sales looks set to rise – good news for the category as a whole.



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