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The Experience Brands Weekly #179

Bins, Bags and Bottles

This week we at The Old Treacle Factory joined the fight to reduce our plastic usage with some new RPM merchandise.



On average in a year, we use 175 plastic bottles each in London. Each of us also uses 94 disposable coffee cups and 130 plastic bags over one year. Globally there are 12.2 million tonnes of plastic waste in marine environment each year. 10% of the litter in the Thames is made up of plastic bottles alone.

That means if we at The Old Treacle Factory use our new water bottles, coffee cups and bags we can use 19,075 less plastic bottles, 10,246 less coffee cups and 14,170 less plastic bags just in one year. A drop in the ocean, but significant none the less. With the government considering a ban on plastic straws for those who don’t need them for medical reasons, and cotton buds using plastic, there are even more ways all of us can cut down our plastic usage.

Brands are getting on the sustainability train as well. In the past couple of weeks alone, M&S has announced it is going to make beer using its surplus sandwich bread, Tesco is working with suppliers to create a juice range out of fruit and veg that would otherwise be wasted, and Morrisons is expanding its range of wonky fruit and veg – you can now get a wonky avocado or chilli as well as your wonky carrots. Then there are bigger initiatives like Sky’s Ocean Rescue which is now a year old. Sustainability is now moving from a differentiator to a hygiene point – none of us can afford not to make it a habit.


Other Bites:

Aperol: Big Spritz Social

Aperol are launching a new experience in Shoreditch in June featuring a vesper carousel and an orange canal. The Big Spritz Social is Aperol’s largest ever bar, and the £10 entry fee includes two Aperol Spritzes.




Three: All you can Pug Brunch

This weekend you can have bottomless brunch with a pug, created by Three. Celebrating its new partnership with Snapchat and the new star of the campaign, Puggerfly (a purple-winged pug), you can expect bottomless prosecco, pastries and many, many pugs.



Corona: The World’s Most Unapologetic Out of Office Generator

Corona are helping us all to brag about our holidays through our out of offices. They’ve launched an out of office generator with messages like ‘Right now letting the swell dictate my schedule,’ but you can also create your own here