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The Experience Brands Weekly #181

The power of all the senses

This week Beefeater have made Oxford Circus smell of strawberries to promote their pink gin and it got us thinking about the power of senses. Research by Professor Charles Spencer at Oxford University has highlighted the large affect that different senses can have on how we experience products. The packaging you use can significantly alter the taste and quality perception of food or drink in the minds of consumers – from the texture of material you use, to the colour, shape, size and even weight. The sound of the pop when opening a bottle of wine, how it pours can change consumer expectations and therefore their experience of the product. Even plate choice – when puddings were served on white round plates people thought they were 10% sweeter than if served on black angular ones. Music and lighting can have a significant effect – research conducted using 3,000 participants at the Southbank Centre found those that drunk the same wine under red lighting with sweeter music thought the wine was 10% fruitier and enjoyed it more than those who drunk it under green lighting with different music. So maybe next time your glass of wine tastes a bit funny, try a different glass, or changing the lights, or some different music.



A lot of the time, we can’t control the conditions that people experience our products in – most of the time our influence stops at packaging. However, when we do have some influence during experiences we control, can we use the power of senses to our advantage? If we consider every sense, we can have a significant impact on the how people experience our products, highlighting certain attributes like quality, sweetness or even encourage different emotional associations. If we look at the total experience - taste, touch, sight, sound and smell - there are endless possibilities.


Other Bites:

Red Bull: Keys to your City

Red Bull are going after the on-trade this summer with a new campaign called Keys to your City. With a limited edition can, they are aiming to drive footfall to outlets, partnering with Shazam to give consumers a calendar of events happening local to them and a key to claim a free drink in an outlet in their city.




Johnnie Walker: My Edition

Ever wanted to be a master whisky blender? Johnnie Walker are helping you to do just that with the launch of their My Edition site which using AI helps you to discover your taste profile and create your own edition of Johnnie Walker perfect for you, or someone you want to gift a bottle to – give it a go here.



The Grid: A Black Mirror inspired drinking experience

A new Black Mirror inspired cocktail experience is coming to London described as ‘an immersive, alcoholic escape experience’ – think sci-fi cocktails crossed with an escape room- what could go wrong?