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The Experience Brands Weekly #185

Cannes Lions 2018- The International Festival of Creativity

Every summer, the lions, tiger and bears of the creative industry, head to the South of France to celebrate the year’s most innovative and outstanding campaigns. What immediately jumped out at us when looking at the 2018 winners of the Grand Prix and Gold Lions is their prominent focus on driving positive change for causes such as the environment, the LGBTQ community and gender equality. This week, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite winning campaigns from a variety of categories:

The Trash Isles

AMVBBDO teamed up with Ladbible and the Plastic Oceans Foundation to draw attention to the 8 million tons of plastic dumped in the ocean each year and the fact nothing is being done about it. They did this by creating a campaign and petition to the UN that turned this rubbish into a fully-fledged country, known as The Trash Isles. It reached half a billion people, was talked about by international news programmes and celebrities, with even Judy Dench claiming herself as their Queen. The powerful illustrations on the passport, flag and currency demonstrating the effects of plastic on our oceans, won this campaign the Grand Prix award for ‘Creation of a New Brand Identity’.



Save our Species

Lacoste worked with BETC also focusing their campaign on environmental awareness, winning them both Gold Lions for their ‘Promotional Item Design’ but also for their Brand Experience and Activation launch. The crocodile logo is iconic both to the brand and the fashion industry, thus their decision to change the embellishment to 10 different endangered animals immediately had impact. Only a limited number of t shirts were produced to reflect the number of animals remaining of each species, adding desirability whilst simultaneously projecting a important environmental message. They sold out in 24 hours, gained +76% new clients and 600k shares on social media.




Exclusive the Rainbow

Skittles undertook the seemingly impossible challenge to gain 687 million impressions during the Super Bowl without actually having a Super Bowl commercial. They decided that instead of competing with all the noise of other brands paying millions to compete for the same audience, they would go the complete opposite direction, and make a Super Bowl advert for one single person. This blew apart conventional advertising, winning them a Gold Lion for Brand Experience and Activation in the Food and Drink sector and a 7% increase in Skittles sales.



This short film created for the Red Cross by Sra Rushmore vividly focuses on attacks made to healthcare services in conflict areas through the narrative of a young girl Arya and her father. The ICRC aim to raise awareness and spark a conversation about these attacks. The film itself needs little explanation as to why it won a Grand Prix award for the Best Direction Film Craft category. We would be lying if we didn’t admit that it brought a tear to the eye.