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The Experience Brands Weekly #186

Circular Innovation

This week we attended Stylus’s Decoded Future event, so we thought we would share with you some of the coolest innovations we heard about on the day. These projects all come from Studio Roosegarde.

Smog Free Project

Inspired the problem of smog in big cities, the smog free project aims to create small scale local solutions that people can implement to improve air quality. The Smog Free Tower in 7m tall and can clean 30.000 m3 of air per hour. The waste carbon generated is compressed to make rings that are then sold to fund creating more towers. The technology used in the tower has now also been put on bicycles to transform them into clean air generating machines, benefiting the cyclist and the city as well.



Van Gogh Path

How do you celebrate an artist and bring new life to his work? Inspired by Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ a cycle path has been created in Nuenen, where he lived in 1883, guiding cyclists home via star light. The path charges in the daytime using solar energy and can then glow for up to 8 hours each night.




Gates of Light

Most people just drive along the Afsluitdijk, but it is a vitally important piece of engineering. The Afsluitdijk is the 32 km long dike which protects the Netherlands against water and flooding. After 85 years it needs major renovation work, but how do you build the iconic status of this engineering feat to make people appreciate it and by doing so justify the cost of the renovations? Enter the Gates of Light – transforming the 60 floodgates along the road with a retro-reflective layer so that each time a car passes by they are lit up, but it requires zero energy and doesn’t add to light pollution.



All of these projects find innovative solutions to different problems, but do it in ways that mean they don’t create more harm. They all are examples of a circular economy model, where you use self-sustaining systems to reduce the impact on the environment, but also to reduce waste and make the whole thing more efficient. In the future I think we will see more and more of these projects and their influence extending into wider business as the whole economy moves to a more circular model – more self-sustaining, less wasteful and more efficient. The different materials used here, as well as the idea of using waste to generate value are ideas that could be useful to many different businesses to help create a more sustainable economy for us all.


Other Bites:

Guinness & Stenilager: Fight for Territory

We love this silver Lion winning campaign from Guinness and Steinlager for the Lions tour of New Zealand. A lot of rugby fans would be spending a lot of time in the airport flying between games, but yet the airport wasn’t really part of the fan experience. So Guinness and Steinlager made the airport part of the tournament, pitting fans against eachother to fight to turn the airport screens to support the Lions or the All Blacks. Engaging fans away from all the brand noise inside the stadium and making the airport experience more fun at the same time.



Missguided: Love Island Partnership

Missguided is showing how to do partnership right, experiencing a 40% sales increasing during the evenings Love Island is on TV. Contestants wear Missguided clothes, which are then featured on the Love Island app (through which voting takes place) and available to purchase directly through the app.


Norrlands Guld: Beer Tweets

Swedish beer Norrlands Guld is celebrating the World Cup by printing the latest and most relevant World Cup tweets directly onto your pint. Tweets are served on the beers seconds after they appear on Twitter.