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The Experience Brands Weekly #188

The Changing face of Convenience Retail

Tech is transforming what a corner shop looks like. With the Amazon Go concept launching in Seattle to great success, this frictionless convenience store experience is only going to spread. In China BingoBox have created a staff free shop open 24/7 that is facilitated by WeChat – you scan a QR code to get in, pay via your WeChat account and then have to scan another code to exit so that they can make sure all items have been paid for. In case you need any help, you can video chat with BingoBox employees remotely. Tesco is already trialling a checkout free convenience shopping experience via an app which consumers use to scan products before they walk out in its Welwyn Garden City Tesco Express.



As well as tech transforming the way convenience retail looks, the role the convenience shop plays is also changing. Our shopping habits are becoming more last minute – nearly 80% of Americans don’t know what they are having for dinner by 4pm. We are increasingly looking for individual meals rather than planning ahead – at the Amazon Go store meal kits are one of their top sellers. As we rely on convenience retail more for our food needs, the demand for better options in convenience shops is growing. The range of options available is shifting as convenience stores have a bit of a wellness makeover – a complete example of this is The Goods Mart in LA which stocks fresh, organic food and plenty of vegan options. They are trying to introduce sustainability into convenience retail – working with local businesses to offer high quality produce at lower prices.


Beyond providing us with dinner, convenience retail is also becoming more service driven. In Paris, L’Oréal has partnered with Casino Group to launch a new beauty and pharmacy led convenience store offering a range of services. Called Le Drugstore Parisien, you can pick up beauty and pharmacy products and healthy snacks and treats, but also enjoy free wifi, phone charging facilities, water fountains, shoe shine machines, parcel pick-up, sinks and dressing tables and even a “light therapy area.”



While your local corner shop may still look the same as it did 10 years ago, these global trends are starting to have an influence – I bet at a minimum you can find a few more healthier alternatives than used to be there or pick up your online shopping purchase.

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Jimmy Brings & Spotify: The Songmelier Edition.

You can now get a special playlist when you buy a bottle of wine. The Songmelier Edition range features an Australian Sparkling, Sauvignon Blanc and Reserve Shiraz, each paired with a Spotify playlist accessible via a code on the label. Wine lovers can simply scan the code using the Spotify app to discover the tunes curated to complement the character of each wine.



FELGTB: Hidden Flag Project

FELGTB, Spain’s largest organisation for LGBTQ rights sent activist from 6 different countries, each wearing their home country’s football shirt to Russia who combined created a Rainbow Flag to protest in Russia during the World Cup.



Huawei: ‘A Phone’ Destruction Booth

Feeling a little frustrated with your phone? Well on 18 July Huawei is giving you the chance to smash ‘A Phone’ with a mallet, axe or frying pan to encourage people to switch to their P20 Pro. There are three other rooms where you can learn about the phone, but I know where I’ll be heading.