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The Experience Brands Weekly #191

The coffee trends that aren’t going away

Coffee. The thing that keeps us all going, but a category that has changed dramatically over the past decade (who had heard of a flat white 10 years ago?). These are the trends that we think will continue to shape the category over the next few years, so sit down, pour yourself a coffee and have a read:

  1. Sustainability

A hot topic across all industries, the drive for sustainability is reshaping coffee. Technology like blockchain is bringing greater levels of traceability to each bean so we can all find out exactly where our coffee came from, when it was picked and by who - Coda Coffee is adding a QR code to every bag of coffee it sells. Allowing brands to prove their sustainability and fair-trade credentials to consumers at the point of purchase.



The drive for sustainability is also revolutionising the way that the waste products from coffee are dealt with, transforming them from waste to a product meaning that coffee waste can now be 480% more expensive than coffee beans themselves. Cascara  the husk left over from coffee productions) is being transformed into syrups and drinks – Starbucks is using it in the foam of it’s cold-brew coffees, while William Grant & Sons have a launched a sweet vermouth called Discarded.



  1. Taking instant and on-the-go to the next level

As our taste for high quality coffee grows, people are looking for products that can deliver this at the speed that fits into their busy lifestyles. Instant coffee is ripe for premiumisation and we are already seeing brands jumping to deliver convenience with a luxury edge. By brewing the coffee then freeze drying it, brands like Voila and Parlor Coffee are trying to offer an instant solution to those looking for a high-quality coffee. While this premium offering is in the small brand arena now, expect to see its impact moving into the wider instant coffee market.



It’s not only instant that is in the process of a premium makeover. 46% of coffee in the US is drunk outside the home, and of this 59% is speciality coffee which is creating a drive for innovation in on-the-go coffee offerings. In particular, new coffee machines designed for on-the-go are on the rise, with Portapresso launching a portable espresso maker and Indiegogo even creating a keg-style nitro-brew coffee maker you can carry with you, just in case you need a nitro-brew on the go.



  1. Experimentation

Finally, coffee is a category that keeps experimenting. After the creation of bubble tea, bubble coffee has made an appearance, and many are experimenting with brining dessert flavours into coffee or food pairings. Who knows what will be next, but coffee isn’t going to stand still.



Other Bites:

North Face: Italian Alps

North Face are taking one of the shops to new heights, creating a pop-up store in the Italian Alps that is only accessible if you hike for two hours. However, your effort will be rewarded as the shop sells collectors items from famous athletes that have been restored.



Aperol: Aperolivery

If you are not heading to Italy, Aperol are bringing the summer aperitif to you by giving you the chance to win a delivery of two Aperol Spritzes on National Prosecco Day and the week around it.



Westin and New Balance: Gear lending

Westin and New Balance have combined to solve a need for hotel guests while getting more people to try out New Balance kit. If you are staying at a Westin hotel, you can borrow New Balance gear for just $5 during your stay, and you get to keep the socks. Helping those who have forgotten or didn’t have space for their gym kit to get active and trying New Balance.