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The Experience Brands Weekly #193

The rise of self-care

There are now more than 6.7million posts on Instagram that use #selfcare, loads of self-care focused apps and a burgeoning self-care focused industry, so we thought it was about time we dug a little deeper to understand this trend.



Self-care is not a new idea – taking 5 minutes for a coffee break and some peace and quiet after a hectic morning, looking after your health or spending an evening watching your favourite TV without having to worry about anyone else – it just seems to be something people are talking about, and perhaps prioritising, more. Why? Well this emphasis on self-care can be seen as part of the wider shift in how we view our health – not only physical, but a more complete definition including our mental and emotional health. With the increasing prevalence of struggles with mental health, or at least the increasingly more open discussion about it, it makes sense that we would see a rise in importance given to self-care and wellness focused activities. If you add in the uncertain political and economic times, plus the relentless nature of our digital world, it’s no surprise people are looking for little ways to take some time away. Globally, 29% of people say they often or sometimes avoid the news, with 44% of those saying it’s because it could have a negative effect on their mood.

Across the world, 77% of consumers plan to improve their mental wellbeing and happiness over the next year. This desire is changing what we spend our leisure time on – self-care Sunday is growing, with Google searches in the US up 850% when compare to last year. Many business are popping up to help people meet this desire – there’s a Girls Night In, an email newsletter which gives you recommendations for a relaxing night in, that reaches over 100,000 women on a weekly basis; Shine, that sends you daily encouragement texts and has an app featuring motivational audio tracks that has two million users; and Aloe Budd – an app that sends you push notifications to remind you to do simple self-care tasks, like making sure you are drinking enough water, or getting up and walking around every couple of hours.



These moments of self-care are an interesting opportunity for brands – the little indulgences that may only be a couple of minutes long, but can make us feel better for the rest of the day. If you can help people find these moments, or be a partner for the longer self-care focussed evenings or days, you could be on to a winner.


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Carlsberg: Carlsberg cabin

Carlsberg have created an off-the-grid pub in Cornwall which is powered by a waterfall. It was built by six strangers, supported by tradesmen, over seven days using local sustainable materials and you can book a stay there via Airbnb.



Strongbow Dark Fruit: Tattoo

How much do you love Strongbow Dark Fruit? Enough to get a tattoo? Well know Strongbow are helping you do just that with a Shoreditch pop-up tattoo studio this weekend offering limited edition designs to superfans.



Nike: Melrose store

Nike have opened a new store in LA that has been designed specifically to match the needs and likes of local Nike Plus members. The store combines lots of services – like the Nike Sneaker Bar, digital lockers where you can reserve products in-store, a text service that connects you to the store team, and express sessions where you can book personal service appointments – with bestsellers and LA specific products.