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The Experience Brands Weekly #194

The Experience Brands Weekly #194

We are known as a nation of tea drinkers, but over recent years it has been coffee that has been growing and capturing cups up and down the country. There has been a 2.8% decline in volume sales of the past year and last year we drank 5.8 million kg less tea than we did in 2014 (Kantar Worldpanel). Are we falling out of love with tea?



Well, while black tea is struggling, herbal and fruit teas are on the rise. As with food, we are seeing an increasing focus on the benefits or end result of a drink – whether that’s a turmeric latte, sold on its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects – or a tea meant to help you sleep or loose weight, teas with functional claims are increasing in popularity. Also, while we are perhaps drinking less tea, it is not all bad news as we seem to be willing to spend a bit more for our cuppa. There is evidence for growing premiumisation as though some shoppers are buying less often, they are spending a bit more as they seek quality teas, sourced ethically, with natural ingredients.

This premiumisation is great news for tea, especially if it can be transferred into the out of home environment, where tea has struggled to compete. Coffee dominates in out of home, but with increasing premiumisation and innovation, tea has a chance to win back some of these occasions. A coffee out can be an everyday indulgence, a treat yourself moment that goes beyond just a caffeine hit – if tea can replicate this association, we may soon be seeing tea bars popping up to rival their coffee and juice competitors.


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