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The Experience Brands Weekly #195

Responsible food brands: from good to essential

This year we have reached an important tipping point. Almost a year after Blue Planet II hit our screens, for the first time in the UK an environmental concern has beaten price in what shoppers as the most important issue that will affect their purchasing decisions. Research from the Thought Works found that 62% of the 2,000 people surveyed said that the number one issue in the next decade will be to reduce packaging and to use more recyclable materials. Price came second in 57%. Now, this may not be reflected in actual purchasing behaviour, as we may find that though people say that bigger concerns will be more important than price, when you actual get to the moment of truth price is likely to win. However, it does show a significant shift in ambition and attitudes that it would be unwise to ignore. Brands are already acting, from Sky’s Ocean Rescue initiative, to Waitrose getting rid of single use coffee cups and scrapping 5p plastic bags, and Tesco trying to create a closed loop packaging system.

Beyond packaging, the research shows other sustainability related issues are coming high in issues that would affect future purchasing decisions. 48% see food waste as an important issue, 36% said they will place much more importance on where the food they buy is grown, fished or reared, and an additional 32% will seek assurance that food has been ethically sourced from a sustainable supply chain. Shoppers want more transparency, and to know that brands are acting responsibly when producing their food. This isn’t only in the UK, globally 61% of consumers say they try to buy products from brands that act responsibly, even if that means spending more (IPSOS 2017). Responsibility is no longer a good decision, it’s an essential one.

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