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The Experience Brands Weekly #197

Winter is coming (with whisky this time)

This week Diageo launched their White Walker by Johnnie Walker and The Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky Collection. Ahead of the show’s eighth and final season the partnership is grabbing headlines, but why partner up? Well the Game of Thrones viewers probably present an attractive audience for the whisky brands – mostly millennials, both genders – this is exactly the audience that the category is trying to recruit to help counter the old and male stereotype. By connecting with them through one of their passions – Game of Thrones – the brands become part of culture and immediately feel much more relevant.



Secondly, if you think about fandom behaviours associated with hit shows like Game of Thrones, there is a desire to collect that is shared with whisky fans. Creating a collection rather than just one product will encourage this behaviour. For those who may only get one bottle, each of the single malts is connected to one of the houses from Game of Thrones, or the Night’s Watch in Oban’s case. Each whisky brand has some connection with the house they are paired with to further engage Game of Thrones lovers. The House of Tully and Glendullan share a fish symbol, while the House of Stark is paired with Dalwhinnie, the highest and coldest working distillery in Scotland. Cardhu was the first distillery pioneered by a woman, so it is paired with the House of Targaryen, which is currently lead by Daenerys. The House of Lannister is with Lagavulin, known for its big flavour and intensity, while the House of Greyjoy joins up with Talisker as they both come from harsh islands in the West. The original ruling House of Baratheon is Royal Lochnagar, famous for its royal warrant, while the House of Tyrell is paired with Clynelish – the name is an anglicised version of the Gaelic word for green pasture, and the house rules over the fertile lands from Highgarden. The Night’s Watch guard the northern border between the Seven Kingdoms and the lands beyond, so they are paired with Oban which is known as the gateway to the islands.

With deeper connections to appeal to mega-fans and a beautifully designed range, the bottles are unlikely to hang around long. The bottles may only be kept as collectors’ items by some, but for others they may encourage them to take their first sip of whisky, a single malt or just a different variety from their old favourites. The partnership will make whisky feel more connected to Game of Thrones fans across the world, using their passion to bring a new audience into the category.


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