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The Experience Brands Weekly #198

Wellness spaces

New spaces focussed on relaxation that offer a space to unwind are popping up to help us take a break from feeling a bit frazzled. In South Korea, the desire for fast and convenient relaxation has resulted in the rise of healing cafes – as JWT reported. These oases of calm are appearing in the busiest of cities, bringing a bit of peace into hectic spaces and days. The First Class chain is taking it to the mass-market with kiosks in shopping centres across the country.



Why do we need these spaces? With our always on lifestyles, it’s hard to find time to switch off. The average Brit is only able to find 73 minutes a day to themselves (SWNS Digital, 2018). It’s no wonder that we are looking for spaces that help us take some time out and relax. While we haven’t see the healing cafes launch hear yet, it might not be long before they do. We already have charities like Frazzled Café that take over M&S cafés up and down the country to give people the opportunity to talk about their frazzled lives. Maybe having more spaces that helped us to unwind, maybe even spend some time doing mindfulness might not be such a bad thing. Globally, 77% of consumers plan to improve their mental wellbeing and happiness over the next year (Global Data, 2017). There’s a real opportunity for someone to create these new spaces that, wherever we are, give us a chance to take a breath.


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