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The Experience Brands Weekly #202

There’s no place like home

Ikea recently launched their Life at Home report – a look at what home means to us and how it is changing across the world. They spoke to 22,000 people in 22 countries to find out how we all feel about where we live and where we feel at home and there are some interesting findings. 1 in 3 people say there are places they feel more at home than the space they live in. In cities this has risen from 20% in 2016 to 35% in 2018. While our physical homes are shrinking and getting busier, it seems the distinction between where we live and where we truly feel at home is changing.



When do we feel at home? What makes a home? Ikea argue that home is made up of four dimensions for us all – place, space, relationships and things. There are five emotional needs connected to the home – belonging, privacy, security, comfort and ownership. These needs combined make up that feeling of home. As the boundaries blur between what we do at home and outside of it – with more of us working at home and making money from our homes through Airbnb - the feeling of home is extended beyond four walls. 23% of people feel they have to leave the house to find alone time and this goes up to 33% for people living with friends or strangers. Where we feel at home could be somewhere in our community rather than the building where we live. 44% of people who feel relaxed, content and joyful in their homes also believe that community is an extension of home.

As demographics shift, climate change accelerates, we use more tech in our homes and urbanisation continues at pace, these shifts are only going to continue. What won’t change is our desire to feel at home – the need for a sense of belonging particularly, as well as privacy, security, comfort and ownership. As the way we live changes, we’ll be looking for places outside of home that can provide this, as well as making the most of the space we do have.



Other Bites:

Sainsbury’s #LightUpBude

The car park tunnel at the Sainsbury’s in Bude in Cornwall grabbed headlines earlier this year as it was voted the number one tourist attraction in Cornwall on Trip Advisor. The local council was unable to pay for any decorations in Bude this year, so Sainsbury’s have transformed the tunnel with Christmas lights while fundraising for community lights. The standout star of Sainsbury’s Christmas ad #PlugBoy was there to switch the lights on.



Google: Not Pink Drink

Ever wondered what the UK’s most shareable cocktail looks like? We’ll give you a shock… It contains gin. To promote the release of the new Pixel 3 smartphone, Google analysed the UK’s 10,000 most engaging #cocktail Instagram posts. Matt Hollidge from “The Amateur Mixologist” Instagram page was then charged with bringing the results to life. The ‘Not Pink Drink’ he created contains Bombay Sapphire, St Germain elderflower liqueur, butterfly pea flowers, lemon juice, orange blossom water and tonic water. An accompanying extra large garnish was created to finish it off in order to highlight the phone’s wide angle camera.



Burger King: Whopper Detour

The cheeky monkeys at Burger King have mugged off McDonalds once again with their latest Whopper Detour promotion. Thinking very smartly about tech they worked geo-targeting into their app to allow consumers to buy a Whopper for just 1 cent. The place you have to be to redeem this tasty offer?... a McDonalds, or within 600 feet of one. Once you have redeemed the coupon on the BK app directions are provided to your nearest Burger King in order to cash it in.