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The Experience Brands Weekly #203

Is 2019 the year of DNA testing?

From food to health to beauty, the lowering cost of DNA testing is leading to greater personalisation of products and services. The global DNA testing market is anticipated to exceed $10 billion by 2022. While many are using the technology to trace their family history or understand the health implications of their genes, there are an increasing number of brands from fitness to food using the technology to create products tailored to your specific genetic makeup.



In Japan, Nestlé is using a combination of home-testing DNA kits with AI and social media to create personalized diets for individuals. You send in pictures of your food via an app, and in return receive lifestyle change recommendations and tailored supplements at a cost of $600 a year. To help you reach your fitness goals, Muhdo is using DNA testing to identify your genetic advantages and barriers to tailor a fitness programme specifically to you. The UK company also provides content customised to each customer including fitness videos and dietary suggestions.

In the world of skincare. SkinGenie is about to launch beauty brand Kode. They use a deep learning algorithm that processes data from research studies, genetic variants, and genetic biomarkers for skin and hair. Combined with DNA testing this gives users a risk score that reveals your predisposition for different skin traits to reveal which nutrients your skin needs. The products are then tailored to your current and potential future skin needs.

Beyond DNA testing kits, at this week’s CES L’Oreal announced a new wearable that measures your skin’s pH and recommends products to help you balance it. The individual tailoring of products and services based is likely to only grow in number of brands and popularity in 2019. It will be interesting to see how these brands that require you to hand over a large amount of personal data fare as we all become more data secure and aware of the value of our data. Will we all be happy to hand over genetic information if it means better products tailored to us? Who would you trust with your DNA?

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