Ride Together

Amstel needed to stand out and cement their premium credentials in a highly competitive category. With the rise of new challenger brands combined with established competitors, they needed to differentiate and connect better with people when it matters.

Brands need to target consumers through their shared passions to create strong connections – brands that focus on a community of interest build credibility within this group that turns people into brand advocates. With Amstel, cycling was identified as the community of interest, with an ambition to be recognised as the number one lager brand for amateur and casual cyclists. The only choice for the post-cycle refreshing pint.

To establish this connection between Amstel and the cycling community, we partnered with Prudential Ride London to offer free places to Amstel drinkers via on pack, social and on trade customer competitions, as well as an exclusive activation area where Amstel riders could enjoy a premium VIP experience (and a beer) with non-Amstel riders enjoying live music, massages and a place to relax and unwind post ride.

Over 2000 consumers visited the Amstel Zone, with over 950 Amstel Riders participating. Amstel was seen by over 100k riders at the event and the social content reached over 1.6 million users with video content views totaling over 591,000