Making the brand fit for the entertainment world of today

We repositioned this iconic horror brand to help it remain relevant in the changing entertainment world where consumers expect more.

Hammer wanted to transcend “Horror” and become one of Britain’s most iconic and talked about entertainment brands. This new vision will see Hammer find relevance and resonance in the lives of millions around the world. We needed to reposition the Hammer brand to make it fit for the current world of entertainment and global film economy.

To do this they needed to appeal to the discerning thrill seekers – the social and ambitious men and women searching for a unique experience that challenges them to think differently about the world.

By repositioning, we created a brand that is fit for the entertainment world of today – that consumers can experience and will stay relevant in the future. Hammer does not simply entertain, they challenge and provoke the human psyche through extraordinary storytelling. 

A brand fit for the experience economy, and the future of the entertainment world.