Johnnie Walker


Helping to build the brand globally through more effective retail programmes

Johnnie Walker wanted to win in retail globally. They needed to shift perceptions to encourage consumers to see whisky as a drink for everyone. We created a global programme to help change brand perceptions and deliver growth worldwide.

Whisky is often seen as stuffy and old-fashioned: an old man’s drink. We needed to make people see whisky in a new light, and Johnnie Walker in particular, as a premium drink to be enjoyed by everyone.

A global programme with different executions to make Johnnie Walker the biggest global whisky brand:

‘Weekends were made for whisky’ – creating a new ‘hero’ serve for the audience looking to reward themselves with a premium long mixed drink at the weekend.

‘The Gift to Give since 1820’ - highlighting the brand’s great gifting attributes (shareable, tailorable, rare, experiential, an opportunity for discovery) through a seasonal toolkit.

'Blender’s Batch' - acknowledging Johnnie Walker’s own expertise in innovation: namely the 150 ongoing liquid development programmes, led by the blending team, which are reflective of the brand’s passion for pushing the boundaries within the whisky category. Executed in the on and off trade, showcasing Johnnie Walker’s commitment to pushing the whisky benchmark forward, one idea, one distillation run, one glass at a time.

A large and brilliant piece of work that will no doubt have great impact on the brand. (Client testimonial)