Garnier Moisture Bomb

Connecting with consumers from social to shelf

To successfully launch Garnier Moisture Bomb into a crowded category, we needed to make it stand out. It had to feel truly relevant to the lives of our consumers, so we connected with them from social media right through to in-store activation.

Consumers felt they had heard it all before. They weren’t interested in yet another product promise. People want brands and products that understand and empower their everyday. We needed to make sure that consumers felt Garnier Moisture Bomb was relevant to their everyday lives.

We had to connect to the everyday lives of women – so we created Made for 24/7 women, showing that Garnier Moisture Bomb was the perfect life hack.

4 influencers and believers of daily hydration, with a combined social reach of over 3 million, wore moisture bomb during a hectic 24 hours, sharing their stories with the world. Combined with a retail partnership with Boots, we were connecting with consumers throughout their purchase journey.

A social reach of 2.5 million.

A sales uplift of 1624% in activating stores in comparison with performance in the rest of Boots stores.