Rugby Football Union

Inner Warrior

Breaking down the barriers to participation

The RFU want to get more women playing rugby. We challenged women everywhere to meet their inner warriors across social media and through initiatives run at universities and rugby clubs nationwide.

RFU wanted to drive participation in women’s contact rugby by getting 10,000 more women on to the field by 2017.

The rough and rugged perception of the game was a key barrier to enjoyment. By targeting active women and appealing to their inner determination to rebel against conformity we delivered an emotive digital campaign designed to give women permission to unleash their inner warrior.

Activated across multiple social media platforms we set out to achieve 100k engagements and drive our audience to attend fun taster sessions at rugby clubs nationwide. 

We also created the conversion project, an initiative which harnessed the passion of existing players to recruit new women to attend informal taster sessions at Rugby clubs, Fresher's fairs and university campuses nationwide.


In total 114 individual events took place in 2016 with more than 4,000 participants taking to the pitch to discover the game.

Engaged with 1,770 students across six universities resulting in increased awareness and membership at local clubs.