Sky Academy

Changing brand perceptions by raising aspirations

We helped Sky prove their ‘Believe in Better’ ethos to consumers by creating the first-of-its kind interactive educational experience. Helping to raise aspirations in young people while building the brand.

Sky provides great entertainment, but suffers as many see it as an impersonal brand that rarely gives anything back.

Young people often have low and misguided expectations about work. We could use Sky’s leadership in television to help - giving something back by inspiring young people and improving their life skills. By creating an innovative and truly ground-breaking national initiative for young people, we could prove the company ethos ‘Believe in Better’ and improve brand perception.

We created a first-of-its kind interactive, educational experience - Sky Skills Studio. It uses the very latest in cutting edge technology for young people to make, shape and share content and improve their life skills. We opened Sky’s doors to schools to provide a meaningful, tangible and unique experience to the UK’s young people.

Each year, over 12,000 young people attend the experience. 88% of attendees reported that the experience helped their confidence at school and brand favourability increased by 36%.