Sky Cycling

Transforming customers from users to choosers

Sky needed customers to see them as a lifestyle brand. We created the Skyride concept – establishing Sky as a brand with values in the minds of consumers and getting millions cycling.

We needed to get Sky customers to view Sky less as a transactional supplier, and more as a sought after lifestyle brand with associative values.

There was huge potential to effect real change by investing in cycling from a grassroots level. By owning cycling, we could establish the brand at an elite level and drive interest and mass participation.

We created the ‘Sky Ride’ concept – a mass-participation cycling platform, comprising 108 events and over 1m participants over 8 years. Ranging from broadcast events to the professional team, to the support of elite sport and mass participation events. The Sky Ride programme embedded the link between Sky and cycling into the minds of consumers.

The Sky Ride programme created real behavioural change - there are now over 8m regular cyclists in the UK, with Sky’s cycling initiatives accounting for around 20% of this number.