Captain Morgan

There’s Only One Captain Morgan

Putting the Captain at the heart of culture

As Leicester City FC, captained by Wes Morgan, were storming to the Premier League title, another Captain Morgan became part of the conversation by celebrating Captain Wes. By putting football at the heart of the Captain Morgan bottle, Captain Morgan was at the heart of football culture and conversations across social media.











In 2016, a natural conversation was happening about another ’Captain Morgan’, ‘Captain Wes Morgan’ of Leicester City FC. Leicester were about to win the Premier League, we just needed to find a way to be part of this conversation.

We knew it wouldn’t be enough to simply jump on the bandwagon, so instead we gave our whole bottle over to ‘Captain Wes Morgan’ and then we propagated our mark of respect to Wes through every ‘earned’ media opportunity and gave it a nudge with tactical ‘bought’ media.

11,000 Wes bottles sold out in 24 hours in Leicester

50 million social reach 

Diageo’s most successful social media campaign in Europe

>250% Uplift in all participating stores across the 4 week period compared to the previous year