Unveiling a bold new product and format that disrupts shoppers on autopilot

World Travel Retail Activation

Toblerone are seeking to move to a more premium position in the market and as such needed us to help with a step-change in their overall approach to retail and how the brand gain increased visibility. We were tasked with creating a concept for Toblerone Pralines launch within Global Travel Retail, with a focus on product sampling, targeted towards Gen-Z, and creatively in line with the new Never Square attitude and brand aesthetic.

From our insight into Gen-Z shopping behaviour within World Travel Retail spaces, we understood that they want personalisation and limited editions to make them feel like they own something unique. They like interactive and immersive elements to pull them into a different dimension, but if it's not instagrammable they aren't interested.

We took all of the above into consideration when coming up with the Toblerone Diamond Boutique, which draws inspiration from the new wider campaign creative. Merging traditional jewellery store elements with a contemporary, edgy aesthetic, the boutique features a unique design, neon lighting, and distinctive product presentations.

The boutique offers a diamond photobooth for immersive moments, and a giant ring for disruptive sampling.